5 Ways to Improve a Workout with a Gymboss Boxing Round Timer

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The boxing round timer is one of the most underrated pieces of boxing equipment that you can find anywhere. One of the best options available to you when you want to utilize one is the Gymboss. Regardless of the brand or model though, there are many different ways while training for boxing that a boxing round timer can improve your performance and effectiveness.

Look at this list of a few of the great ways that a boxing round timer can improve your workouts, and you'll want to get your hands on one as soon as possible. Truly, the possibilities are endless, and you'll never have to regret making this purchase.

  1. Hassle-Free Timing: A boxing workout routine can become difficult and cumbersome if you have to work with a manual stop watch, or keep on checking a clock on the wall, or use other various timing sources. All of the sudden you're starting and stopping when you shouldn't be, your timing and focus are all out of whack, and you're failing to capitalize on your training session. A boxing round timer like the Gymboss takes care of this for you though by counting off both the time that you train, and the time that you rest, and giving you notifications when periods are about to expire. It couldn't be easier and more hassle-free while training for boxing from home.
  2. Change your Settings: Most people use a boxing round timer to denote three minute rounds with one minute rest intervals. But you can use the settings however you'd like. Pick up the intensity with five minute rounds and 30 seconds of rest, or focus on completing goals in shorter periods, such as two minute, nonstop rounds. Use the settings and adjust them however you feel it best benefits your particular goals at the moment.
  3. Forget about Training Partners: Sometimes it's easy to make excuses to avoid a workout, like I don't have a partner there to help me keep track of my time and goals. This of course severely hinders your training for boxing efforts if you work out from the comfort of your own home. Eliminate excuses by carrying around this little portable training partner with you at all times.
  4. Get Into the Boxing Zone: One of the goals of this website is that you can train for boxing from home just as effectively as you could at the gym, and that's true. But there is something to be said for going to a boxing gym, having everybody keeping the 3 minutes on, 1 minute off, boxing round cadence, hearing the dinging of the rounds beginning and ending, and so forth. Well, a boxing round timer like the Gymboss can help you get into that boxing zone or boxing state of mind, and that's great for boosting your performance.
  5. Work out Efficiently and Correctly: The bottom line is that your boxing workout routine will be more efficient, more effective, and more properly completed with the assistance of a Gymboss boxing round timer. You'll be training the way that you're supposed to, and you'll be in the mindset and have the timing that you should.

Why the GymBoss Boxing Round Timer?

You can utilize any boxing round timer that you'd like to use. The reason we singled out the Gymboss is because it's very effective, and it's very highly rated for consumers. It's also very cheap, which means you don't have to destroy your budget to get your hands on one. Usually you can pick one up for $20, so anybody can afford one, and for the benefits it provides, it's an amazing purchase and investment.

You can also check out a full section of boxing round timer options for sale that we have available, including the Gymboss and other brands and models too. It's a fantastic piece of equipment for an effective and efficient boxing workout routine, and the benefits above are only the beginning of how you can utilize this product while training for boxing from home.

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