Best Bodyweight Exercises for Boxing Strength Training

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Complete Guide to Boxing Strength Training Using Only Bodyweight Exercises

There are many different ways to complete your boxing strength training, and there are also some great bodyweight exercises that you can use to achieve that goal. These are a great tool to have on your side, because weightlifting isn't always recommended for boxers. Not only that, but bodyweight exercises for boxing fitness training will enable you to complete your moves without the usage of any other equipment, or much time.

That means that you can always fit them into your day, no matter when it is, or where you are. There are a variety of different moves and techniques that you can utilize for your boxing training program. Here are a handful of the best ones.

Pull-Ups & Chin-Ups: I've written a lot about using pull-ups and chin-ups for boxing in the past, and it's no secret, they are one of the most effective exercises for boxing strength training, period. The fact that they are also bodyweight exercises is what makes them worthwhile to include here as well. You'll end up targeting your upper and middle back, your arms and your core, but you won't bulk up or suffer any other drawbacks, making them essential for any boxing training program to boost strength and all-over fitness. Utilize different grips, ranging from wide grip pull-ups to narrow grip chin-ups, mixed grips, and more, for added benefits.

Push Ups: Push-ups are another classic, and it's no surprise that they are on this list either. In fact, there's hardly another exercise that exists for the chest muscles, with weights or without, that is as effective as this staple of boxing strength training. You could argue the bench press, but considering the effects this has for your core and your arms, and the other benefits it provides, this wins out all the way. Use a narrow grip to put more emphasis on your triceps, and alternative techniques such as clapping push-ups and alternate grips for extra gains.

Bodyweight & Jumping Squats: A simple bodyweight squat is performed by standing straight up with your arms held straight in front of your body. Lower yourself until your butt is less than a foot off the floor, and then stand back up straight. For increased difficulty and effectiveness for boxing strength training, instead of just standing back up, explode back up into a vertical jump before landing and squating back down again. Great for the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.

Hanging Leg Raises: The hanging leg raise is one of the best bodyweight exercises for any muscle group. They are particularly beneficial for boxing strength training because they work the entire core and midsection, which is crucial for boxing performance. Suspend yourself from a pull-up bar with a normal, shoulder-width grip, and then begin bringing your knees up and into your chest. Don't sway or use momentum, instead bring your knees straight up and then move your hips to get your knees in your chest, with your shins parallel to the floor and ceiling.

Planks: There are many different varieties of planks that you can perform, all of which work wonders for boxing strength training. In your boxing training program, you can utilize standard push up planks, side planks, incline planks, the plank walk out and others. The basic push up plank is performed by assuming a push up position, but resting on your forearms instead of your palms. Hold the up phase for 30-60 seconds, while keeping your midsection tight, and then rest a minute and complete a few more sets.

Of course, there are many other bodyweight exercises that you can work into a complete boxing training program. These all work fantastically for boxing strength training, without requiring equipment, without requiring lots of time, and without interfering with the rest of your training and fitness goals. Start using these bodyweight boxing strength training exercises immediately for great results.

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