Boxing sauna sweat suit review: Fighting Sports Professional Sauna Suit

Sauna sweat suits a great tool for the boxer or fighter in training. If you're competing, a high quality sauna suit for boxing will be an essential tool for cutting and making weight. However, even if you're training to get yourself into shape and you aren't competing at any level, a sauna sweat suit is still a great option to help pick up the intensity of your workout, burn more calories and make each minute in the gym count for more.

Recently, I was able to check out the Fighting Sports Professional Sauna Suit (available from for $59.95 or less). I've used others in the past as well, but after giving this one a go I was certainly impressed with its quality and results. Below, find a complete review.

The first thing you notice with the Fighting Sports Professional Sauna Suit is the material itself. It just feels sturdy, and it's heavier than many other variations. It's made from 100% rubberized nylon, and as soon as you put this on, you'll start to feel hot and like you're working up a sweat. If you wore this at your computer desk for a few hours you'd come away dripping, which just tells you how effective it is.

One nice component to this sauna sweat suit is that it includes a drawstring hood, so you can really keep yourself warm from head to toe. The ankles also have zippers, while the wrists use Velcro for a tight seal.

While the material is heavy and sturdy, it also offers plenty of flexibility so you won't be inhibited as you're training. You should be able to do just about any aspect of your workout that you normally would without feeling constrained. But you will never be running the risk of ripping or tearing it, because it seems to be so well made.

The first time I checked it out, I didn't go through a boxing training routine. Instead, I did a 30 minute core circuit workout using a medicine ball. I did this because while it's a hard program, it's not something that would typically make me as sweaty as a typical boxing session would, and it also incorporates a good deal of bending, twisting and turning, and I wanted to check out the sauna sweat suit and how it felt doing all of that.

Let me just say that the routine has never been as difficult or challenging as it was when I was wearing the sauna suit - in a good way. I dropped about two pounds of sweat in a 30 minute routine which otherwise would have left me relatively dry. I was exhausted afterwards, but during the workout was able to perform all of the complicated movements as I otherwise would have wanted.

It's machine washable, or you could hand wash it instead, and then let it air dry so it's good to go for your next usage.

Besides a strong rubber smell as you don it for the first time, I really could not come up with a complaint with this sauna sweat suit for boxing training, and I'll certainly be continuing to use it in the future as well.

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