Boxing Training Techniques for a Heavy Bag Workout

There are many different boxing training techniques you can apply for a great heavy bag workout. The key to a great boxing training routine is a combination of variation and consistency. You want to be learning fundamentals through repetition, but you also want to keep yourself interested and keep your muscles guessing at what's coming next. You need to be motivated to complete an entire boxing training routine without succumbing to mental or physical fatigue.

This article is going to talk about some sample boxing training techniques for a heavy bag workout at home or at the gym. It doesn't matter where you do this, you don't need any partners or any special pieces of equipment. All you need is a heavy bag, a pair of gloves, some hand wraps and potentially a round timer.

Boxing Training Drills for a Heavy Bag Workout

Before you begin your heavy bag workout you should be completely warmed up. For ideas on how to warm up and fit in these heavy bag drills into a complete boxing workout at home.

Now you should be ready to get started and should already have a bit of a sweat going. This boxing training routine is going to include 5 rounds of action on the heavy bag, each with a difference purpose or mission that is going to wear you out, keep your muscles guessing and build your technique as well.

Round 1 - For the first round of this heavy bag workout you should be using strict form with everything you throw. Throw everything as if you were in a fight. Stay on your toes, step in with a crisp jab, throw a combination and keep moving. Everything should be perfect form, mimicking as realistically as possible what you would want to do in an actual match.

Round 2 - In the second round for this boxing training routine your goal is to make everything you throw be a 4 punch combination or more. Continue focusing on technique and circling the bag, but ensure that you always throw a minimum of 4 punches. You can change it up every time you throw or you can work on mastering a combination such as a double jab, straight right, left to the body, left to the head combination before moving on and working on another combination.

Round 3 - Dedicate this round to infighting. Step close to the bag, shorten up your punches, keep your guard up and fight as if you were pinned against the ropes or standing toe to toe, fighting on the inside. Don't be afraid to grab onto the bag as if clinching, breaking away and firing a few shots and so on. The key is to work on staying active while shortening up your punches, protecting yourself on the inside and working with a heavy weight (in this case a bag as opposed to a person's bodyweight) that is going to require some extra energy.heavy-bag

Round 4 - Now it's time for some focus on body punching in this heavy bag workout. Spend this round doing nothing by throwing hard, well placed body shots. Set up your body shots as you might in a real fight by throwing a few shots upstairs. But your primary focus here is on throwing accurate, crisp, vicious body shots. Really get your hips and lower body into the shots for maximum force. Be sure to work both hands equally, using hooks, uppercuts and variations of the two.

Round 5 - This part of the boxing training routine is where the burning comes in. Your goal in this round is to throw a bare minimum of 200 punches over the 3 minute round. Worry a bit less about form and more about getting off the punches, but don't abandon form altogether, throw weak punches or anything like that. Keep a running count in your head the whole time. 200 punches in 3 minutes is more than a punch per second when averaged out. But once you get 200 down, set your next goal to 225, then 250.

Still not satisfied? Then repeat the entire 5 round set again before moving on or calling it a day. This boxing training routine for a heavy bag workout will work on your technical skills, your stamina, your strength, it will keep you interested and motivated and so much more. Work this into your other boxing training drills and you'll see excellent results.

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