Heavy Bag Drills: The 250 Punch Challenge

Heavy Bag Drills: The 250 Punch ChallengeThere are many different heavy bag drills that you can add into your boxing training routine in order to improve your results. This one is a personal favorite of mine, and it will add some real intensity to your heavy bag workouts. It's certainly not for those who aren't up for a real challenge. So tighten up those laces and get ready to work, it's the 250 punch challenge heavy bag drill.

The concept behind my favorite of all heavy bag drills is easy… you're going to throw a minimum of 250 punches in one 3-minute round. It's going to push you extremely hard. There's only 180 seconds in three minutes, so you're working on overtime here. Here's an overview of how to get started and incorporate this into your heavy bag workouts.

The 250 Punch Challenge Heavy Bag Drill

First of all, I recommend purchasing a boxing round timer for use with this and all other heavy bag drills so that you don't need to worry about keeping track of time. That will enable you to just focus on the task at hand, and it's not an easy one.

As mentioned, the concept behind this is straightforward. You have three minutes, or one round, and you need to throw a minimum of 250 punches. To keep track of your output, just keep a running tally in your head.

If you have a training partner or coach that can keep track, great. However in most cases you won't, particularly with boxing training at home, so for your heavy bag workouts you need to get used to counting in your head.

Getting Started

As opposed to some other heavy bag drills when you perform this, speed is of the essence. Therefore do not worry about throwing every punch with maximum force or perfect technique. You should throw with the best technique and the most power you can throw, while maximizing your speed and rapidity.

Here's how I tend to do it, although you of course can take your own approach to this aspect of your boxing training routine. It's all about finding something that works for you.

I get started by reeling off 10 or 20 jabs rapid fire, back to back to back, sometimes alternating between throwing to the head and the body. This gets you in the groove of throwing a lot of punches in quick succession. After that I go guns blazing until I get up to about 50 or 70 punches. Just any combinations that come into my head, whatever it is, just keep throwing them fast and finding something new without pausing to stop.

Collect yourself a bit as you get to the 100 punch mark, knocking your punches off in nice chunks of 5 or more. At this point, I pick one 5 or 6 punch combination and throw it repeatedly, about 10-15 times. This takes care of at least half of the second 100 punches and will do so quickly without you needing to worry about what you'll throw. (My favorite here tends to be double jab – straight right – left hook to the body – right hook to the body – left hook to the head).

Now it's all about finishing it out, and closing strong. You're probably already tired, so just keep forcing it out and keep working with 4, 5 or 6 punch combinations so you can work through the total quickly.

Keep going all the way until the bell, and then take your one minute rest before you continue with whatever else you're doing. It will be a rest well earned.

Moving Up In Increments

As with other heavy bag drills, you may find that you cannot accomplish this entire portion of your boxing training routine the first time. That's alright. You can turn this into a long-term goal or project for yourself. Start with a minimum of whatever you can handle – maybe it's 150 punches or maybe it's 200.

Increase your load by 25 punches whenever you can consistently finish your old goal, and repeat until you get up to 250. If you get to 250 punches and can keep going, then good for you and keep increasing the load in 20-25 punch increments.

It's as much about focus, intensity and mindset as it is about actual physical fitness. But with all heavy bag workouts, you will need that baseline stamina to enable you to work through it.

The Final Word

As I said in the beginning, this is my favorite of all of the heavy bag drills that I perform. It really pushes your cardio and your muscle stamina, and it forces you to throw every punch in the book and to do so without needing to pause to stop and think about it.

Therefore this boxing training routine also helps with your focus and ring smarts, not to mention your heart, will, intensity and mindset. This well help you in innumerable ways and it's a fun challenge to tackle. So be sure to include this in your list of heavy bag drills.

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