Live Pacquiao – Mosley Results

Boxing fans will be able to find live Pacquiao Mosley results on Saturday, May 7th. The Showtime PPV starts at 9 pm, and the undercard features several notable fights, including Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. vs. Jorge Arce. But the bout everyone wants to see is Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley.

Not everyone will be able to see it though - the $54.95 price tag tends to discourage many people from ordering the big fights, especially in this economic climate. But you can catch the live breakdown, full updates and coverage and more, by checking out available Pacquiao vs. Mosley round by round blogs.

Boxing Equipment 24/7 no longer covers much boxing news, so you may be wondering why we are featuring this fight. It's for a few reasons. First, it's the biggest fight of the year, and that's always fun. Second, Pacquiao is the sport's number 1 pound for pound fighter, and that means that all of his fights need extra attention and coverage. And finally, because there is nothing in the world like watching Pacquiao fight, let alone train. His training is famous around the globe for its intensity, his dedication, and more.

Take a look at this Pacquiao training clip here:

In the video, you'll see Pacquiao doing some sparring, shadow boxing, working the speed bag, using the mitts, and more. It's all pretty amazing to watch.

But when it's fight night and it's time for the real deal, you should check out the live Pacquiao Mosley results online here.

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