New Training Videos: How to Hit the Speed Bag & How to Wrap Hands for Boxing

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We've always been dedicating to helping people of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels learn how to box, to get involved with real boxing training at home, take advantage of the latest and best boxing training tips, and more. As we've been doing this, we've put out dozens of articles about learning how to box, mastering specific fundamentals and techniques, reviews of home boxing equipment and on down the line.

Now, we're happy to say that we're also going to be putting out a number of new boxing training videos. These easy boxing instructional videos will help anyone get started with great boxing training, and all of the benefits it provides. We've just released two new videos to our growing collection, how to hit the speed bag and how to wrap your hands for boxing. You can watch both of them right here.

How to Use the Speed Bag Video: Basic Instructional Tips

This is a quick and simple guide to learning how to use the speed bag. You'll see it in action, how you should approach it overall, and ways for you to improve from a complete novice into somebody who can hold their own on the bag in no time at all.

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How to Wrap Hands for Boxing Instructional Video

Learning how to wrap your hands for boxing training is essential. If your hands aren't protected, they are going to get busted, bruised, cut and more, and you won't be able to continue training. This guide will show you an easy way for you to wrap your hands, so that anyone can protect themselves with their boxing training at home, without the need of any assistance, fancy training equipment, a partner or coach, or anything else.

So take a look at our two new boxing training videos above and keep on checking back with us as we will be aiming to provide more great boxing training tips, boxing instructional videos, reviews and guides in the coming weeks and months.

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