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"Why does boxing protective gear mean so much?" somebody asked once. Well, you don't play boxing, and that's why boxing protection - head gear, mouthpieces, cups, hand wraps and more - is so important.

The best training you can do in preparation of a fight, or to get the most out of your training while improving your skills, is sparring. There is a huge array of boxing sparring equipment that you will need though before you ever step through the ropes and exchange blows with a training partner. Boxing head gear, a mouth guard, a boxing protector and more are all necessary to avoid injury.

Calling sparring full contact is a bit redundant. Sure, sometimes when you spar you and your partner don't go all out. You punch with 75% of your speed and power. But it's that day in and day out wear and tear that can really cause injury, both in the short-term and in the long-term.

It can slow you down when it comes time for the big fight, or it can take you out of commission all together. There's no reason to forgo wearing sparring pads and other boxing protective gear when you step in the ring. That holds true whether you are just getting into shape or you are in preparation fr a competition or professional contest.

That's why stocking up on high quality boxing protective gear is of the utmost importance. There are many different things you have to consider but an interesting perspective is to think of it all as your armor. A soldier wouldn't go to battle with everything he could have to protect himself. And a boxer shouldn't either. Which means it's time to stock up on hand wraps, protectors, boxing training pads, sparring equipment and everything else.

When it comes to boxing head gear, you want to find something that provides cushioning, fits your head well and doesn't restrict your vision at all. Some boxing headgear comes with cushioned pads all the way down and around the chin, while others have less. What you choose is up to you and your coach, as well as your needs and wants in the gym.

Mouth guards or mouth pieces have to fit you well. There are different tiers, including some mouth pieces that are double sided so your upper and lower teeth are inside and others that only really involve one half of your jaw. As for boxing cups, well, we all know what those should do!

Don't overlook the importance of hand wraps and other wrappings such as gauze and tape for your hands. In boxing, your hands are everything. And they can easily be broken or badly bruised from hitting the heavy bag thousands of times a day. Learning how to wrap your hands properly, and having the proper boxing supplies on hand is something that every boxer needs.

Boxing protective gear, from boxing head gear to cups to hand wraps and boxing training pads, all do an important job and you don't want to be without any of them. So take a look at around at our boxing shop for the best cheap boxing protective gear that you can find.