Women's Boxing Equipment

In this section of our boxing shop you'll be able to find a wide selection of women's boxing equipment. Browse the individual store pages below to find exactly what you're looking for, whether it's womens boxing shoes, ladies boxing gloves or anything else.

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Womens Boxing Gloves
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Of course women have different needs for discount boxing equipment than men do. Our basic anatomies ensure that, regardless of how we feel about training or our level of participation in it. Women and men have different body parts to protect, and in addition our bodies are shaped and sized differently.

All of this means that of course women will of course have to purchase their own equipment that is different than from what men buy. In general, ladies boxing gloves will be very similar to standard boxing gloves but may be slightly smaller in size or come with different levels of protection or padding.

Womens boxing shoes will carry the same size as women's shoes in general. So it's important not to try to fit into a pair of men's shoes with your standard size, because you'll find a much different result.

Of course there is also a wide range of women's protective equipment. As mentioned, the body parts that need the protection are of course a bit different, so it's important to get gear that's perfectly designed for your specific needs.

So take a look around at all of our women's boxing equipment. We have a diverse selection ranging from womens boxing shoes to ladies boxing gloves and womens boxing shorts, so you should be able to find what you're looking for.