Century Bob Free Standing Heavy Bag

The Century Bob free standing heavy bag is an extremely popular product that you probably already recognize even if you don't know what it is. Known as Boxing Bob, this is a free standing punching bag that is designed to look like a human torso and head, and designed to have a more realistic feeling as well. The result is a great, highly effective workout for boxing.

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Training with a Century Bob Free Standing Heavy Bag

Training with a Boxing Bob is a very different workout than training with a normal free standing punching bag. First of all, as you can see, the bag itself is in the shape of a human body. This opens up the doors to a huge range of potential training activities, and ultimately helps provide you with a more realistic experience.

When you have a bag designed in the shape of a human like with the punching Bob, you can actually plan out specific punches to specific targets and practice them. There is no guesswork for where the legal part of the body is, or where the head and neck are. You can pinpoint your shots and in doing so train your body with much more accuracy and realism.

Another benefit to the Century Bob free standing heavy bag is that with a face, head and deck, you will be able to practice throwing your uppercuts much easier. Besides specific uppercut bags, the Boxing Bob is the best tool to enable you to practice throwing uppercuts to the head. You'll have a realistic target that your glove will be able to run upward into, as opposed to the completely flat surface of a normal boxing heavy bag.

Finally, with the Boxing Bob you will be hitting a more realistic surface. The carefully designed rubber is going to feel much more like a person's body than a leather or canvas heavy bag will. This will help you prepare to fight that much better, and is another clear benefit to the punching Bob tool.

Yes, the Century Bob free standing heavy bag is going to cost more than many other models and styles of punching bags. However, the difference truly lies in the quality of the tool you end up working with. You get a very realistic piece of boxing training gear that will enable you to workout in a far superior fashion.