Free Standing Heavy Bag: Standing Punching Bags

The free standing heavy bag has become much more popular in the last decade or so. Now people are turning to standing punching bags as convenient, flexible options for home workouts. You don't need to hang anything up and you don't need to have a dedicated room for a home gym. All you need is a freestanding punching bag and you're good to go.

See below for all of our cheap standing punching bags for sale, first from Amazon, and then more listings from eBay to ensure you get exactly what you're interested in. Read on underneath for more information to help you make a decision.


Choosing a Free Standing Heavy Bag

You'll see that there is a wide range of standing punching bags for you to choose from. You can find a freestanding punching bag that come in tandem with several different pieces of equipment, you can find stand alone models and you can find highly customized and unique models like the Century Boxing Bob.

That means you have to think about what you are really trying to get from you new piece of equipment. Are you looking for just a free standing heavy bag, or would you like to have a speed bag and additional tools at your disposal as well?

For most people, the solo freestanding punching bag is the most convenient option and it will be able to handle their needs. However, if you really are trying to get a high quality home gym in your house, then you would probably want to opt to have one of the more complete sets.

Then you have to consider whether you want the realistic look and feel of a Century Boxing Bob, or a Wavemaster boxing bag. These tend to be more expensive then some of the basic standing punching bags, however what you get in return is added quality, design and realism. You'll end up getting a better workout in most cases, but many people don't consider it a necessity.

Believe me, you don't need one a freestanding punching bag like that in order to get a high quality work. It's just that those extra touches can help make a difference for many people looking for the best possible in boxing training gear.

So take a look around at our standing punching bags to see what might be a good option for you. There's no right and wrong, it's really about finding one that fits into your budget, and provides you with all of the equipment or features that you are looking for. When you do that, you'll be sure to end  up with a free standing heavy bag that you love.