Boxing Uppercut Bags: Upper Cut Bags for Sale

A boxing uppercut bag is a great tool that can really help you round out your collection of training equipment and gear. These weren't very popular until the last several years, really. However, now more people are realizing how great and effective uppercut bags can be, and as a result they are quickly popping up in more places.

See below for our selection of uppercut bags from Amazon, followed by more listings from eBay. Then read underneath for more information to help guide the decision process.


Why Buy a  Boxing Uppercut Bag?

If you've never used an upper cut bag, you may be wondering why you would want to buy one. What can an uppercut bag do that a standard heavy punching bag cannot? The answer is actually very simple.

If you've spent any time working with a boxing heavy bag then you know that landing uppercuts on them is very difficult. With no surface jutting out, you just have a flat target, and your fist as nothing to hit and drive into. As a result, it can be challenging to work on your uppercuts with a standard bag.

Therefore, uppercut bags allow you to really work on punches that otherwise are difficult to really practice. There are different styles of upper cut bags that allow you to accomplish this. A popular style is a horizontal punching bag, which provides a lengthy surface for you to drive your uppercuts into.

Another style is the wall mounted uppercut bag or wall hanged upper cut bag. These are placed on a wall and have an extended padding unit jutting out, that will enable you to practice your uppercuts and hooks. The wall mounted variety will be the most expensive, generally speaking. Finally, you can actually purchase uppercut bag donuts, which fit over your boxing heavy bag and provide a surface for you to land your uppercuts.

Many of the major brands make their own uppercut bags. Everlast uppercut bags are popular, and Teddy Atlas has helped to design his own as well.

Of course, there are many other choices, and you'll have plenty to choose between when you're ready to get going. If you really want to be able to fine tune and hone your uppercut, then consider an upper cut bag from our selection to help give you an edge.