The Wavemaster Punching Bag

The Wavemaster punching bag is the most popular free standing heavy bag on the market today. It actually comes in several different models today, including the Original Wavemaster boxing bag, the Kid Kick Wavemaster and several other styles, models and variations. It is a fantastic tool for around the home boxing training.

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Bobby Bully

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Benefits to the Wavemaster Heavy Bag

As mentioned, the Wavemaster heavy bag is a free standing heavy bag, that means you don't need to hang it anywhere. It also means you can move it from location to location with relative ease. This makes it very convenient for use around the home, and is one of the leading reasons why it's so popular today.

However the Original Wavemaster punching bag and subsequent models are just a few of the many free standing heavy bags on the market. So what helps these stand out from the pack? One reason is how portable they are, due to their design they are easy to pick up and transfer to a new location.

Another reason is how sturdy and well built they are. Unlike other variations, the Wavemaster punching bag is known to be built to last. When filled, some models weigh up to 250 lbs which makes it supremely strong and secure. It can either be filled with sand or water.

Many free standing heavy bags have a bad reputation for providing an unrealistic workout, meaning the bag moves and bounces too much, or it has no give at all. Well the Wavemaster heavy bag solved the problem, partly due to the high weight already mentioned and partly because of its design and construction.

Another bonus is that Wavemaster boxing bags are adjustable to different heights and weights, so people of all sizes can use them. This also makes it easy to switch between a normal boxing routine and a kickboxing routine, for example.

The company also produces their Kid Kick Wavemaster, designed specifically for youth. Further models include the Wavemaster II, which has a full length bag, which is great for kickboxing, aerobic workouts MMA and martial arts. The Wavemaster XXL is essentially the same with an extra wide bag instead of a long, narrow one.