Speed Bag Swivel & Heavy Bag Chain Selection

If you own a punching bag then you may need to replace some parts such as the heavy bag chain or the speed bag swivel. Or, if you're purchasing a new boxing bag then you need all of the extra parts such as chains, mounts and hangers to make sure that you can get started using your gear right away.

Browse below to see all of our speed bag swivels and punching bag chains, with a selection from both Amazon and eBay. Also, read underneath for more information.


Buy a Punching Bag Chain or Speed Bag Swivel

As mentioned, whether you are purchasing your equipment for the first time or you need a replacement part, then you will need to make use of a few different parts. It's important to understand what you need, what is available and what you should look out for before making your purchase.

When it comes to a speed bag swivel, quality is absolutely key. Cheaper swivels will be little more than hooks that you screw up to the platform. These are likely to break, and you'll also suffer from a lack of performance. You want to find a speed bag swivel that's made out of high quality materials and is durable.

Avoid the simple S-hooks and find more heavy duty construction and a completely stable rotational setup. An easy lock hook will make it easy to change out the speed bag while providing a stronger base. You will be surprised at how much more performance you get from your speed bag, and you'll always wonder why you never upgraded sooner.

For a heavy bag chain, you are actually looking for a component chain with several different pieces. First you'll have top chain that attaches to a punching bag mount, stand or hanger. The top may be an S-hook or a locking hook depending on what you purchase.

That single chain will then be attached to four separate heavy bag chains that attach to each side of the bag to keep it supported. Once again, quality is important and you want to find sturdy, thick metal chains that are supported through heavy duty hooks and links.

The one thing that will remain consistent whether you are looking for a heavy bag chain or a speed bag swivel is that you don't want to go for the cheapest option that you can find. You'll only end up having to replace it again soon, and particularly for speed bags you'll end up with an inferior product that limits what you can do in training.

If you're ready to make an upgrade, fix a broken piece of equipment or install your new equipment then you're in the right place. Take a look above and find an affordable, high quality heavy bag chain or speed bag swivel.