The Boxing Round Timer

The boxing round timer is an essential piece of gear that you need to help make your workouts as smooth and manageable as possible. Boxing timers will allow you to workout for the perfect intervals of time, while resting just enough to recuperate. Forget looking at the clock and guessing for your workouts, use a gym timer to be 100% accurate without any hassle.

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Benefits to Boxing Timers

Of course most people associate a boxing timer with actual professional bouts or amateur competitions. In these situations you need the time to be kept seamlessly and a boxing round timer is commonly used, although the bell is then rang manually.  However, many people don't realize how essential this kind of equipment is for use in the gym.

Whether you train by yourself at home or you go to a boxing gym, a boxing round timer will enable you to get a far better training experience. If you are training for boxing, which has three minute professional rounds, you should be training in three minute increments as well. This will get your body used to the rhythm of the activity, which is three minutes on and one minute off repeated continually.

A boxing round timer is going to do more than just tell you when three minutes is up. Most are also programmable to give you warning sounds or buzzers at other periods of the round. While the 10 second warning is most common, you can also set it to warn you at one minute or thirty seconds. After the round ends, the timer will then keep another minute and then buzz for the beginning of the next round.

The great thing about a boxing timer for the gym is that even with these classic settings you can still program the device to any specifications you wanted. If you really wanted to work on your stamina, you could set it to keep four or five minute rounds. Alternatively you could set it to only give you 30 or 45 seconds of rest. You can set it up however you want to, giving you plenty of flexibility and adding to the power of boxing timers.

A traditional boxing round timer can be purchased or you could opt for a smaller, multipurpose gym timer. You could even opt for a stop watch however you'll be losing a lot of the flexibility and hands-off functionality that a discount boxing round timer will provide.

Many different brands provide their own products as well. For example, there is the Everlast timer, and there are actually multiple different products from them. Another popular brand is Gymboss which makes a variety of different gym timer models.

When you really want to get in a great, hassle free workout, then consider the use of boxing timers in the gym. They will make keeping time a breeze, and you'll be training in the perfect intervals to get you ready to fight. Take a look at our entire selection above, and choose between an Everlast timer or any other boxing round timer for sale.