Boxing Supplies: Medical & Corner Supplies

There is a huge range of different boxing supplies you will need, whether you are training and working out, preparing for a competition or tournament or running a gym or cornering a fighter. These cheap boxing supplies include all of the accessories you need to make the little things work - boxing tape, boxing gauze, a boxing end swell or no swell and more.

Browse below for all of our discount boxing supplies for the corner or for medical purposes, from both Amazon and eBay. Then read below for more information.


Types of Medical & Corner Boxing Supplies

As mentioned, there is a huge variety of different discount boxing supplies you may need. Two of the most common is tape and gauze. When you really want to wrap your hands properly, you need to make use of these items for maximum protection. Plus when you participate in competitions or fights they are necessary.

If you are working the corner for a fight or competition you will need many different cheap boxing supplies. To begin with, it's the basic little things that must of us forget about the easiest. These include items like a corner bucket, towels, Vaseline and other medical supplies.

For example, you don't want to go to a fight without a pair of latex gloves or two, nor do you want your fighter to be left without a bucket to spit into and for you to pour excess water into. So don't leave yourself and your fighter shorthanded and stock up on cheap boxing supplies and accessories.

One of the most essential medical boxing supplies is the boxing end-swell or boxing no swell. These are used to reduce and prevent swelling to the cheeks and eyes during a fight or competition. They might not be fun to use or have used on you, but they perform a necessary task that fighters need.

The above accessories and supplies are just a few of the items that you may need when you run a gym, work the corner of a fighter or anything else. Don't overlook any of these corner and medical supplies for boxing. When you're ready to stock up, you can find a huge selection of discount boxing supplies above.