The Sauna Sweat Suit

The vinyl sauna suit is one of those boxing accessories that you truly don't appreciate until you've used one for yourself. When you really need to drop an extra few pounds, or when you're simply trying to rev up the intensity of your workout, a sauna sweat suit is an excellent tool. Most pro and amateur boxers can't get by without them.

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Why Use a Sauna Sweat Suit?

As mentioned, if you've never used a vinyl sauna suit before you may not really appreciate what it can do for you. After all, any good workout should make you sweat, right? While that's true, an Everlast sauna suit or one from any number of different manufacturers will take it to an entirely different level.

A sauna sweat suit is designed for one reason and one reason alone, to help you sweat as much as possible. Basically it creates an airtight environment around your body, meaning that you can't ventilate. That means your body ends up sweating an enormous amount to compensate. The result is that in just one workout you can lose several pounds.

Keep in mind that the weight you lose from using an Everlast sauna suit is only going to be water weight. That means it's not going to be permanent fat loss or anything like that. However, when you're trying to cut weight for a tournament or a fight you need all of the help you get.

Both professional and amateur boxers often have to cut down a significant portion of their weight before a bout. To help them do this they do all of their workouts in an Everlast PVC sauna suit, or a vinyl sauna suit from another manufacturer.

Besides helping you to cut weight, a sauna sweat suit will also force your body to work harder. So you will end up burning more calories as well. Plus, these are great for a do-it-yourself detox. If your body isn't feeling right or you're sick with something, a workout in a sauna exercise suit will flush everything right out of your system and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Just be careful when you use an Everlast sweat suit or another brand that you don't overdo it. You will be literally overheating your body to force yourself to sweat more. So if you start to feel dizzy, nauseous or light headed you should immediately stop your training.

Additionally, just because you can cut your weight at the last minute before a fight with a vinyl sauna suit, it doesn't mean you should do it that way. Losing your weight gradually and ahead of time will leave you feeling stronger when it counts the most.

So take a look at our entire selection above, you'll see that there are many different options to choose between, including the highly rated Everlast sweat suit. To really pick up your training and shed excess water weight, turn to a sauna sweat suit.