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A great pair of boxers shorts is really meant to do one thing, and that's provide the highest level of comfort coupled with a maximum range of motion. Of course, when you have the money, boxers and fighters tend to trick out their boxing shorts a bit. Maybe with the colors of their country, or with a slogan or nickname, or even with sponsor's logos attached. But whether you are looking for standard Everlast boxing shorts or custom boxing shorts, the first order of importance has to be comfort.

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Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR

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Making a fashion or personality statement with boxers shorts is easily doable. But it's not about that, and the sooner you realize that your boxing trunks are a tool to help you win a fight or train better, the better of you'll be.
The material of boxing trunks is also important. While Floyd Mayweather Jr. might agree and then go wear leather trunks into a ring, we're not all Floyd Mayweather. For him, custom boxing trunks matter for the style and shock value. But for the rest of us, you want a light, flexible and breathable material. This helps your body stay cool and enables you to twist and turn all you need.
If the material or size of your boxing trunks is too tight, you may find yourself constricting and unable to really dig down on your shots or circle your opponent as quick as you want. Boxers shorts that are too big can slow you down by literally tripping you up, keeping you preoccupied or even weighing you down.
Therefore, the key to picking out a great pair of boxing shorts lies in the sizing and the comfort it can provide. Only you know what kind of material or style works best for you and your needs. But please, pick out the colors and the style after you pick out the material and the size, and then you'll have a great pair of boxing shorts.

One popular trend today is to buy a pair of Rocky boxing shorts. Many people buy these for Rocky Halloween costumes. If you want to go as the famous boxer from the movies, then Rocky boxing shorts are a great, easy to find item. In fact, many amateur boxers and pros even purchase their custom boxing shorts in the Rocky style to pay homage to those great movies.
Whatever you're looking for, we will be able to get you setup with something perfect. So take a look around at our entire selection of boxers shorts, including Everlast boxing shorts and many styles of custom boxing shorts.