Everlast Boxing Gloves

Everlast boxing gloves are some of the sturdiest and most reliable you can purchase. They are great across a wide range of boxing activities. Everlast makes specific styles of gloves for use on the heavy bag, for use on the speed bag (bag gloves) and for sparring and other

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Types of Everlast Boxing Gloves

What most people are looking for are Everlast punching bag gloves. Punching bag gloves are designed to be used specifically on the heavy bag. Of course, they can be used on the double-end bag, or with a set of boxing mitts as well. But the point is they aren't for fighting, sparring or competitions.

The padding is really designed just to protect your hands alone. You will be able to find these in many different sizes, including 14 oz, 16oz and 18 oz punching bag gloves. The weight and size that you end up using really just depends on personal preference. If you want to build up your muscle stamina and strength, you should opt for a heavier pair. However, if that is less of a concern for you then you can purchase a 12 oz pair or whatever fits right on your hands.

You will also be able to find Everlast glove wraps, which are a combination of hand wraps and punching bag gloves. Everlast for example makes their Evergel glove wraps, which can be used on speed bags, heavy bags or mitts but are extremely light and comfortable. Only your knuckles get covered, and not your entire hand.

For sparring you won't a different style of glove of course. More than just protecting your knuckles, sparring gloves will be padded to ensure they protect the other guy that you're in the ring with. The increased support along the wrist will also keep your hand and wrist strong and protected from bending in painful ways.

Everlast also makes pro style, or professional boxing gloves. Pro style gloves will have laces rather than Velcro straps and will be made out of different materials. They will also be significantly lighter, as mentioned above. Professional boxing gloves vary between 8 ounces and 10 ounces depending on weight class and other restrictions or rules. Of course for amateur competitions you will need gloves that have a white painted patch on the front, to signal a cleanly landed punch.

From there, the options are really endless. You will be able to find many different colors, styles and designs. Everlast boxing gloves are designed for a huge array of different purposes, so whether you are training for a pro fight, participating in an amateur competition or just getting into shape in your home gym, you know you will be covered.

Whatever type of boxing glove you are looking for, Everlast makes something to fit you, fit your hands and your training style and fit your budget. The bottom line is that for a good price and high quality, Everlast boxing gloves are a sound choice.