Professional Boxing Gloves - Leather Boxing Gloves for Sale

We offer plenty of professional boxing gloves and leather boxing gloves for sale here in our shop. Pro boxing gloves are completely different than punching bag gloves, which are designed to provide maximum protection for your hands, added weight for stamina training and easy access with Velcro or straps. Pro boxing gloves however have to fit into a specific weight and can be tweaked to provide any number of different benefits depending on the manufacturer.

If you're looking for something specific you can jump to our selection of Everlast Boxing Gloves, Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves, Grant Boxing Gloves, TKO Boxing Gloves, Title Boxing Gloves, Ringside Boxing Gloves or Twins Boxing Gloves.

Otherwise, see below for our selection of amateur and professional boxing gloves from Amazon followed by listings from eBay, plus more information on helping you make your decision.


As mentioned, pro boxing gloves are a completely different ballgame and they can't be interchanged with those you would use for training. For one thing, they have to fit into very specific weights, from 8 oz to 10 oz depending on the weight class of the fighter. This is not a lot of padding, and they are very small compared to the bulky, heavier padded gloves that are used for training. When you want to buy boxing gloves, this is of course a major consideration.

For another thing, you need to utilize the best materials, which means the pros typically turn to leather boxing gloves. These are going to be rugged and sturdy, and meet all standards and recommendations from the various commissions and organizations.

Even if you aren't participating in a professional fight, many people spar with pro boxing gloves. This is to simulate as true of an environment as possible. However, to ensure your safety you should always wear full head gear and padding when doing this. That's because the 8 oz or 10 oz gloves are not very forgiving, and you don't want to get hurt while sparring.

Amateur boxing gloves also have to fit into strict regulations. They need to have a white marking on the front to signal what is a clean hit and what counts as a miss. They also need to have laces, and fit into weight guidelines. Because of these restrictions, we list our amateur boxing gloves here, because they are clearly of a higher and more precise quality than training gloves or bag gloves.

Which Professional Boxing Gloves Should you Buy?

There's no one type of pro boxing gloves that will be right for anybody. That's why we carry so many boxing gloves for sale, to ensure that each person can pick out what's right for them. Many professionals turn to leather boxing gloves from the likes of Everlast, because they are one of the most trusted names in the business.

Others turn to Cleto Reyes the punchers glove for maximum impact, while others use Grant boxing gloves for extra hand protection. Of course, there are a variety of other manufacturers as well, including Title, TKO, Ringside, Twins and Lonsdale.

It's all about finding something that's comfortable, something that's affordable and something that fits into your style. You'll see that we have many pro boxing gloves for sale here that will be able to do that. Leather boxing gloves are an investment that should you hold you for a long time to come.