Twins Boxing Gloves for Sale - Discount Twin Gloves

Twins boxing gloves are building themselves a reputation in the boxing and fighting community. Truly, they are most well known for their usage as high quality pieces of Muay Thai gear. However, they are also now being used by boxers and other fighters as well or their training boxing gloves.

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Twins Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai Gear

More than anything else, Twins boxing gloves are used in the world of Muay Thai. You can see it in many of their gloves and their dragon and flame like designs, featuring bright colors and many other unique features. Usually those are not characteristics you see purely in training boxing gloves.

However, Twin boxing gloves have been gaining recognition and prominence for their full line of boxing training equipment as well. They now make gloves that are specifically designed for use as boxing bag gloves. They also make sparring gloves and professional boxing gloves as well.

Much like Cleto Reyes boxing gloves, Twins are known to be more for punchers. They are tightly compacted and they are very crisp. When you work the pad with these you will really feel and hear the difference in the impact. That's one of the main reasons why their popularity is growing, and surely why it will continue to do so in the future.

Are Twins Boxing Gloves Cheap?

As far as prices go, Twin boxing gloves are in the middle of the spectrum. They are not as expensive as some brands, but they also cost more money than the cheapest options. Generally, you can find a pair for between $40 and $60, although of course there are always fluctuations in price. For their unique style and high quality, they are worth the price.

If you're looking specifically for Muay Thai gear, then you can't go wrong with a pair of Twins. However, if you're interested in boxing training equipment, don't be scared off by the brand name. Twins boxing gloves are high quality, tightly compacted and designed to produce some serious pop.