Boxing Autographs: Autographed Boxing Gloves & More


There's nothing like finding a great pair of signed boxing gloves from your favorite fighter. Well, maybe the only thing better would be if it was a pair of boxing gloves that your favorite fighter used in his best performance! Those kinds of items are sometimes hard to find, but the good news is that there are plenty of boxing autographs from legendary and historic fighters and champions, past and present.

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Autographed Sports Memorabilia: Boxing Autographs

One of the more popular boxing autographs is the signed boxing fight program. Often times fighters will sign the authentic fight program from their big events and promotions, and those make great collector's items. You can really grab a piece of history with that.

Also, signed boxing posters are a great item to have. You can hang these on the wall in your home or office and everybody will know you're a true boxing fan who appreciates the history of the sport. Another popular item is a pair of signed boxing trunks or shorts. Basically anything that a fighter wears or uses can become a great piece of autographed sports memorabilia.

Most popular of all though however is of course the autographed boxing glove. You can get an autographed boxing glove from nearly any fighter in history. Everybody has their own favorite fighters, but across the board some of the favorites include Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Rocky Marciano, Joe Louis, Jack Johnson, Jake LaMotta and Roberto Duran.

From the modern era Roy Jones Jr., Floyd Mayweather, Bernard Hopkins, Manny Pacquiao and Oscar De La Hoya all have popular autographed boxing gloves and other boxing collectibles. Of course, you can have your own favorites outside of the list. Boxing has had hundreds of famous fighters, and all of them have boxing autographs and autographed sports memorabilia that you can find.
In addition to all of those fighters named above, some of my personal favorites include Henry Armstrong, Harry Greb, Bob Foster, Tommy Hearns, Salvador Sanchez... the list just goes on from there! I try to gather up as many boxing autographs as I can, and I have many pairs of autographed boxing gloves around my home.
And I know I own a piece of boxing history for each and every one of my favorite fighters. Take a look around and see if you can find a pair of signed boxing gloves, or another piece of autographed sports memorabilia from your own favorite fighter.
If you can't find the signed boxing gloves or boxing autographs that you're looking for, just use the search function at the top of the page, because we have hundreds and hundreds of autographed boxing gloves to choose from.