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Twins boxing equipment is one of the growing names in the field of boxing training gear. Traditionally, this brand has been associated with Muay Thai, Karate and other forms of martial arts. However, they been expanding into the boxing realm, and now provide some high quality boxing gear as well.

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Discount Twins Boxing Equipment

You may not have heard of Twins boxing gear before. That's because, as mentioned, the company primarily and traditionally focuses on other combat sports. Their main base is in Muay Thai fighting, Karate, and other forms of martial arts, as well as MMA in general. However, there is no a large and growing collection of Twins boxing equipment available for sale, and it has been becoming quite popular.

The most common items from Twins are their Twins boxing gloves. These gloves are very compact, which lead to powerful, sharp punches. In that respect they are fairly similar to Cleto Reyes boxing gloves, although of course not nearly as popular for professional boxers, at least not yet.

In addition, you'll find a bunch of protective gear from Twins boxing equipment. This includes all kinds of body protectors, groin protectors, belly protectors and more. All designed to help you out in sparring and training, some made for the fighter and some for the trainer.

Twins boxing gear also has a variety of boxing bags. You'll be able to find wall mounted uppercut bags, tall heavy bags and a variety of other unique pieces of boxing training gear as well. Clearly they are approaching boxing from a different perspective, while also appealing to those people who like to train with a multi-discipline approach.

So take a look above at all of our available cheap Twins boxing gear. In addition to gloves, you'll find a variety of other equipment items including bags and pads. So check out some of the unique, new items from Twins boxing equipment, you won't be disappointed in the quality.