Boxing Body Protector, Groin Protector, Cup & Guards

A boxing cup is something you don't want to leave home without. Whether you are doing some light sparring, getting ready for a fight or competition or anything else, a boxing body protector or groin protector is truly an essential piece of training equipment.

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Importance of the Boxing Cup & Boxing Groin Protector

Of course, it shouldn't be rocket science to figure out why you need a boxing cup. There are some very important body parts down there that need to be protected. They really don't feel good when they are disturbed, and in a full contact, hard sport such as boxing you want to take every step to ensure you are as safe and comfortable as possible. A high quality boxing groin protector is another piece of that equation.

However, a boxing body protector actually does much more than that. Below your waist you have some important organs inside your body. These include your kidneys and your liver. Boxing cups that extend over the hips will help pad these vital organs from taking any unnecessary punishment. Therefore, even women who fight need boxing cups to keep their bodies safe and secure.

Shots beneath the belt, or on the back and directed for the kidney are illegal in boxing. But still, they are bound to happen... sometimes as accidents, and sometime as purposeful fouls. Therefore you need to be careful to ensure your protection, and boxing cups play a large role in that.

Even professionals in prize fights are wearing boxing cups and hip protectors. If you've ever watched a fight, then you've surely seen a fighter getting warned for wearing his too high. The point is though that a boxing protector is worn at every level of the game. It's not something you outgrow or get too experienced for, and it's nothing to ever consider leaving behind.

A boxing protector will quickly become one of your favorite pieces of gear as it saves you from serious pain, discomfort and injury. Take a look at our huge selection of discount boxing groin protectors and body protectors, and find the one that's the perfect boxing cup for you.