Boxing Mitts: Training Pads & Punching Pads

Boxing mitts are some of the most common pieces of equipment and gear that you will find at a gym. Indeed, when you watch a movie, if a boxer isn't hitting the heavy bag then he is working on the mitts. Why are these products so popular, and should you be using a pair of boxing training pads yourself?

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Benefits of Boxing Mitts

Training with a pair of boxing mitts offers many different advantages. Boxing training pads allow you to work on different facets of your game that you simply cannot work on with the heavy bag. They provide many of the benefits of sparring without actually having to get hit, or turn up the intensity that high.

With punching pads you will be able to work on throwing fluid combinations, as you fire off specific sequences of punches in rapid succession. You can also work on your timing, throwing the right punch at the exact moment that an opening appears.

You will also be able to work on your accuracy, throwing your punches to land at specific targets rather than general areas. On the heavy bag, throwing certain shots such as uppercuts are difficult due to angles, but on the pads you won't have those problems,as they can be tilted, twisted and moved to any position. All of these aspects will improve your punching technique and ability in the ring.

Additionally, training with boxing mitts will also enable you to work on your all around game. Your coach can block or dodge some of what you throw, or he can throw sweeping counter punches back at you. In this way you can work on your defense and your ring generalship as you work on your offense.

Of course, to use boxing mitts you will need a training partner or a coach. Unfortunately, they can't be used on your own, although now many companies are making training stands with targets on them. However, as long as you have one another person around you will be able to take advantage of these great boxing supplies.

There will never be replacing classic pieces of gear like the heavy bag, and you can never do away with sparring if you are preparing for a fight. However, boxing pads provide the best of both worlds, and are therefore one of the most popular pieces of boxing equipment today.

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