Boxing Mouth Guards & Mouthpieces

Boxing mouth guards are some of the unsung heroes in the world of professional and amateur boxing, as well as any boxing training. They of course protect your teeth but they also do much more than that, and you cannot spar or compete with a proper boxing mouthpiece in place.

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The most obvious reason that you need a boxing mouth guard is as mentioned, because they protect your teeth. With punches flying straight towards your cheeks and chin, you don't want to leave your teeth unguarded. They can be easily chipped, or worse, completely dislodged. This is extremely painful, and will also leave you on the sidelines for quite some time.

But boxing mouth guards also protect your tongue. When people concentrate or are put under duress, they can have unexpected reflexes such as biting down suddenly or clenching your jaw. With a boxing mouthpiece in place, you will prevent any accidental injuries to your tongue, as well as the interior lining of your cheeks as you train and compete.

Finally, a boxing mouthguard will also help to prevent some brain injuries caused by violent shock and concussive force. With a mouthguard in place, your face, your jaw and your neck are all more secure and will absorb and deflect energy more ably. For all of these reasons, boxing mouthguards are required when you participate in competitions, when you spar at the gym or when you fight professionally.

Different Types of Boxing Mouth Guards

A variety of different brands make boxing mouthpieces, including the major equipment brands like Title, TKO and Everlast, and other brands such as Shock Doctor. You may also be surprised at how many different styles there are.

You will find your basic, one piece plastic mouth guard. You'll also find double-sided styles which more fully protect both your upper and lower teeth and jaws.

Some styles have breathing holes in the middle of the plastic protection, and others have plastic extensions making them easier to put in and remove from your mouth. The upper end models are more scientifically certified to help prevent brain and neck injuries.

Whatever style is right for you, you'll be able to find your boxing mouthpiece here for a great price. We have all of the major brands and models, so whichever discount boxing mouth guards you want, we'll have you covered.