Cheap Boxing Hand Wraps

Boxing hand wraps are some of the most essential pieces of boxing training gear that you will need. Still, many beginners to boxing training will overlook their importance. But that is a classic mistake that you should avoid at all costs. In boxing, nothing is more important than your hands. You need to protect your hands from injuries including broken fingers, bruises, soreness and cuts.

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Why Boxing Hand Wraps are So Important

People that don't use hand wraps when boxing learn the hard way just how important they are. It's not fun to want to be training, but be left unable to because your hands are torn up.

Without using hand wraps, the friction and force of repeated punches can cut your knuckles badly.
I know from experience, and after doing that a few times your first pair of Everlast hand wraps or other brands will be a revelation. Simply put, there is no such thing as effective boxing training without them.

Without the extra padding hand wraps provide, you can also badly bruise your knuckles and fingers. You can even break your fingers or your hand without the vital extra cushioning that hand wraps provide. You never want to leave home (or enter your boxing gym) without your very own set of hand wraps.

Having several pairs of boxing hand wraps is a good idea, so that if you train in more than one place, you can have a spare pair lying around. Leave one in your gym bag, and leave one in you basement with the rest of the equipment you have at your house.
You can buy boxing hand wraps in bulk so you always have a clean, fresh pair ready to go.

Professional and amateur boxers also need to worry about using gauze and tape on their hands. Unless you're competing, you usually won't need to worry about this. However if you have sensitive hands, a layer of gauze under your wraps will protect you even more, and you can put injuries out of your mind for good.

Popular Boxing Hand Wraps

Everlast hand wraps are some of the most popular, which is in large part due to the fact that Everlast is the largest brand of boxing training gear on the market today. They are durable and will protect your knuckles well, and you can get them in different lengths.

Everlast also makes their Evergel glove wraps, which are basically a cross between a pair of bag gloves and a pair of hand wraps. Evergel glove wraps provide ample padding for use on the heavy bag, but of course cannot be used for sparring or fighting. You may also come across lots of styles of Mexican hand wraps.

You also may want to opt for a pair of hand wraps that is extra long. The more protection for your hands, the better. I typically opt for extra long Everlast hand wraps, or a pair of Mexican hand wraps from one of the major brands. 180 inches is more than enough and many people prefer the extra protection that length provides over 100 inch hand wraps or other lengths.

If you're unsure of how to wrap your hands with boxing hand wraps, read our step by step guide on wrapping your hands for boxing training. It's important to know how to utilize these important, but basic, pieces of boxing protective gear. Then purchase a pair of our cheap boxing hand wraps and get to work!