Doorway Chin up Bar: Portable & Home Chinup Bar

If you purchased just one piece of strength training equipment for your home, then it should be a doorway chin up bar. You can actually perform many different exercises with a home chinup bar, and for boxers it's the perfect match. That's because you add strength to major muscle groups without bulking up too much.

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Selecting a Doorway Chin Up Bar

As mentioned above, if you only had to choose one piece of strength equipment for your home my vote would absolutely go for a home chinup bar. Whether you buy an Everlast chin up bar or a portable chinup bar from any other manufacturer, you will be getting a multifunctional piece of equipment that will help to improve your overall strength and conditioning.

You'll find that there are actually several different styles of the doorway chin up bar or doorway gym. The most common today is the portable chin up bar, which is what you frequently see advertised on infomercials on TV.

No installation is required with these. Instead you hang them from a doorway and can take them down and use them anywhere. They typically also come with several sets of handles. With this added feature you will be able to perform more exercises such as dips, sit-ups and push-ups.

However many people still prefer the classic home chinup bar which you install or mount in a door frame. These are a bit more heavy duty, and of course they are more secure because they are permanently installed. However you do lose out on some of the extra flexibility and features of the portable options.

In addition to these door mounted styles, you'll also find an Everlast chin up bar and other brands making a wall mounted unit. These can hang from any flat wall, and are great for when you're constructing a gym in your basement or you need equipment for your full-scale commercial gym.

Using a Home Chinup Bar

Whichever kind of doorway chin up bar you end up purchasing you will benefit from the awesome strength training it provides. Your back has some of the largest - and most overlooked - muscles in the entire body. The pull-up is one of the best muscle builders around, and that includes exercises performed with weights.

In addition to working your back, you'll also work your arms and forearms secondarily. Plus you can get creative and perform all kinds of abdominal and core exercises with a home chinup bar, such as hanging leg raises and hanging pikes.

Even better for boxers however is that pull-ups and other body weight exercises such as chin-ups or dips won't cause you to bulk up. So you'll build strength without losing your range of motion, speed or flexibility. This is a key factor for boxers deciding to strength train, and it's a main reason why the Everlast chin up bar has become so widespread.

For more tips, exercises and workouts using a home chinup bar then check out our article on boxing strength exercises. Then once you're ready to get started, choose a cheap doorway chin up bar from the selection above and get to work. You will never be disappointed with the results from a portable chinup bar.