Cheap Medicine Ball Sale

A cheap medicine ball can be used in many different ways when you're training for boxing. Of course, anybody can use a cheap medicine ball for a great workout, whether or not they have any interest in boxing training. Still, Everlast medicine balls and other varieties including double grip and leather do wonders for a boxer, and should be incorporated into any boxing strength training program. The great thing is that a cheap medicine ball is easy to find, and can be used in so many different ways.

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Reasons to Buy a Medicine Ball

You might be scared off by the thought of a boxing trainer throwing an Everlast medicine ball at your abs to brace yourself for being hit in the gut by an opponent's punch. But you don't have to be that intense to see the benefits of using a medicine ball. In fact, they can be used in a variety of different, more standard ways, and can provide many different advantages and unique training programs.

One popular reason why many people choose to buy a medicine ball is because of the versatility in the ways that it can be used. A cheap medicine ball can be effectively used as extra weight when performing ab exercises. Whether you are doing sit-ups, incline sit-ups or nearly any kind of body weight ab exercise, a medicine ball can be utilized for additional resistance.

You can also perform a variety of different exercises involving tossing or throwing a medicine ball around. Depending on what you end up doing, you can work a wide range of muscle groups and add some serious strength and stamina. You will be able to hit many of the small, secondary and stabilizing muscle groups that so often get overlooked by normal training exercises.

What Weight to Use With a Workout Medicine Ball

Everlast medicine balls and all other brands generally come in a wide array of weights. Typically, this weight range extends from about 6 pounds up to 15 pounds, however in some instances you will be able to find both lighter and heavier varieties. Now it's common to see a cheap medicine ball as light as 2 or 3 lbs, and larger sizes extending to 20 lbs or more.

For most people looking for a cheap medicine ball, a 10 pound variety should be up to the task. This is heavy enough that it can be used for intense strength training and muscle building, but light enough so that even without experience you should be able to use it fairly easily. Personally, I've always used a 12 pound Everlast medicine ball and found that to be more than enough to cover my needs.

If you really start loving a medicine ball workout, look into buying several different weights of medicine balls. A lighter one of around 6 pounds can be used for high repetitions and more cardio-centric work, and a heavier one of up to 15 pounds can be used more specifically for strength training.

Whether you are looking for an Everlast medicine ball, a leather medicine ball, a double grip medicine ball or anything else, we have what you are looking for. So browse around our selection, you'll be sure to find a cheap medicine ball that's perfect for your workouts.