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Using Boxing Mitts for Boxing Training at Home

Whether you call them boxing mitts, focus mitts, punching mitts or anything else, they can be effectively used for boxing training at home, allowing you to take advantage of all of their great benefits. This includes improving your technique and timing, and developing a complete and cohesive boxing game that includes both offense and defense. It's no longer true that you need to belong to a boxing gym in order to utilize training with punching mitts. Now, you can have one buddy or training partner come over, and the two of you can train together, alternating turns for who punches and who holds the mitts. Alternatively, for the more industrious out there, you can even setup your mitts on stationary or moving targets, and then you can train in boxing at home using punching mitts without the help of a single other person.

In this article though, we'll focus on using boxing mitts for training in boxing at home with the help of a buddy and partner. The two of you can work together using these tips, drills and techniques to improve your game and start seeing drastically better results in no time at all.
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