Top 3 Must Have Items for Boxing Strength Training

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Doorway Chin up BarBoxing strength training isn't always easy. But usually that's because so many of us take the wrong approaches and utilize the wrong techniques. In fact, when you know what to do and how to do it, then you'll find that you can quickly realize big gains, even for those of us simply boxing training at home.

In this guide you'll find the top 3 must have items that you need for boxing strength training. Three pieces of boxing training gear, all of them are cheap and easily accessible, and with them you'll be able to strengthen your entire body, ending up with a physique that looks and feels great but most importantly is also primed for the boxing ring.

Must Have #1 – The Doorway Chin Up Bar – A doorway chin up bar or a wall mounted pullup bar can help you immensely with your boxing strength training. It's the perfect piece of equipment because it's cheap, can be easily used anywhere without eating up a lot of your time and it targets some of the most important muscles in your body.

Since you are utilizing your own bodyweight to train as opposed to bulky free weights or machines, you don't have to worry about training in the wrong ways, or losing your speed or flexibility as a result of your added strength.

Pull ups can target your major back muscle groups, while also hitting your forearms and core muscles as well. Chin ups do the same but also place emphasis on your biceps. Then you can perform hard hitting abdominal movements such as hanging leg raises and hanging leg pikes that target each and every one of your core muscles, building a rock solid midsection without doing a single crunch. View our complete pull up training guide.

Must Have #2 – The Medicine Ball – The next must have for boxing strength training is the medicine ball. This is one of the classic boxing training tools that has seemingly been around forever.

With a medicine ball you will be able to perform all kinds of movements and exercises, targeting many of your major muscle groups with ease. You can take almost any abdominal movement and add in a medicine ball for increased difficulty, for example simple medicine ball crunches and leg lifts, lying toe touches holding a medicine ball and much, much more.

You can also incorporate a medicine ball into an entire circuit training and cardio training program as well. The possibilities are endless, from performing uneven pushups to jump squats holding a medicine ball and on down the line. Take a look at more of our favorite medicine ball exercises.

Must have #3 – The Kettlebell – The third and final must have piece of gear for boxing strength training at home is the kettlebell. Actually, you should ideally pick up two kettlebells of the same weight so you have a set and can perform all of the potential exercises that are available to you.

Kettlebells help provide great strength training benefits because of their unique shape and off-balance center of gravity. This makes your body work extra hard to maneuver the weights and it forces you to incorporate your core muscles and stabilizers along the way. With one set of kettlebells you can target all of your major muscle groups, from your legs to your chest, to your back to your arms and everything in between, all right from your home.

Kettlebells might seem expensive for boxing strength training, but just consider that you won't need to invest in any other weights, let alone any pricey gym memberships, and you'll see that the price pays for itself. See more kettlebell exercises and ideas for boxers.

With these 3 must have items you'll be a guaranteed winner with boxing strength training and the results will speak for themselves.

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