Using Jump Rope Exercises for Boxing Training

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Jumping Rope Exercises for Boxing TrainingJump rope exercises have always been tied with together for training for boxing. While some people might think about jumping rope and think about kids playing a game, boxers are well aware of the many benefits that it provides.

Even the most hardened professionals, and fighters at all levels of the game, completely rely upon a jumping rope workout as an integral piece to their overall training session. Take a look at some of the benefits it provides and some of the exercises and routines you can put to use for boxing training.

Benefits of a Jumping Rope Workout for Boxing

A jumping rope workout provides many great benefits for a boxer in training. One of the best is that it's a fantastic way to warm up your body in the beginning of your workout. You'll quickly work up a sweat and get your heart rate going, and all of your muscles will be nice and loose. It's also a great way to wrap up a workout, preventing tightness afterward and making sure you finish with a strong burst of effort and consistency.

You'll also notice other benefits as wel8l. For example, a jumping rope workout will help a boxer with his coordination, timing and balance. Jump rope exercises require a great sense of timing, careful movements and adjustments, rhythm and so forth. All of these are important for boxing.

Plus, you'll be staying on your toes, which is the way that you're supposed to box. You'll be improved the strength and endurance of the important calf muscles, which are relied upon heavily while you're boxing. Clearly, boxers learning how to jump rope isn't just cliche, it's used because it's effective!

Jump Rope Exercises for Boxing

Most boxers add in a jumping rope workout to the beginning and end of their overall training routine. As mentioned, it's a great way to warm up the body and work up a sweat, and at the end of a session it will loosen everything up and keep your intensity up until the end.

A great way to incorporate a jumping rope workout into your boxing routine therefore is to plan on jumping rope for two to three rounds at the beginning or end of your session. The catch though is that you shouldn't rest between rounds, keep it going nonstop for maximum effect.

In terms of specific jump rope exercises, you'll have to learn how to jump rope from the beginning if you haven't been doing it recently. Over time you'll gain a great sense of natural rhythm and pace for how to proceed and get going. Focus on keeping your arms largely still as you move, only moving your upper legs slightly and really keying in on jumping with your toes and feeling the movement in your calves.

To kick up the intensity, you can try repeated double swings, where you pass the jump rope under your feet twice for each jump. This takes great coordination, focus and timing, as well as wrist and arm speed.

You can also trying running in place for a set amount of time, such as 30 seconds or a minute. Another popular variation of the standard jump rope exercises is to try 1o 0r 20 jumps in a row on one foot with your other foot held out in front of you, and then to continue alternating feet for as long as you can.

Finally to change things up you can sometimes try jumping with both feet at the same time, as opposed to the natural cadence you'll get into as a boxer, switching your feet calmly with small, light movements.

To keep yourself powering through a routine you can always try to set a personal record for how many times you can jump without messing up, or you can set a goal for one of several kinds of the above jump rope exercises such as 20 successful double swings before you can move on with the rest of your routine.

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